Where can I get my results and what do they mean?

You will receive your test results from your contact at the employment agency or job centre. The results indicate the areas of a profession in which you already have professional capabilities. A maximum of four points can be achieved per area. Two points means that you have many valuable skills.
Regardless of the results, you will not suffer any disadvantages. You can decide how you want to use the results.

You can find sample test results for the carpentry profession here.

How do the results help me find a suitable job?

You can discuss your professional prospects with your counsellor at the employment agency or job centre. Depending on the results, you and your counsellor will decide how to proceed. You can either directly start a corresponding internship in a suitable job or participate in continuing education courses to expand your skills in specific fields of activity.

MYSKILLS im Einsatz – Ayed Hassen macht den Verkäufertest

MYSKILLS im Einsatz – Hossein Kowsaris Chance bei MAN Truck & Bus


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