Looking for work? You have already got some work experience, but maybe you don’t have a qualification? With MYSKILLS you can show your professional skills when looking for work. With the test results, your job centre or employment agency can find a suitable job opening for you. Or, they can help you gain further qualifications.

You can take the MYSKILLS test in the job centre or at the employment agency. Just contact your advisor and arrange an appointment straight away.


The test is suitable for all job seekers who have several years of experience in one of the MYSKILLS professions but who do not have a German professional qualification. It is voluntary and free of charge. At the job centre or employment agency, you will find out whether the MYSKILLS test is for you. You can also discuss whether you can sit several tests. MYSKILLS is designed to help you find a job. The test has no impact on determining the status of refugees or job seekers. Regardless of the result: There will be no disadvantages for you at all.


MYSKILLS is a computerised test. It permits people without a professional qualification to identify and demonstrate their professional skills. They can prove which typical job situations they are familiar with and whether they know exactly what to do in these situations. The test is available in six languages – German, English, Arabic, Farsi, Russian and Turkish. It lasts about 4 hours and is carried out by the job centre or the employment agency.

There is currently a MYSKILLS test for eight professions:

  • Building construction worker
  • Cook
  • Farmer
  • Skilled metal worker
  • Joiner
  • Sales assistant for retail services
  • Building and object coater
  • Motor vehicle mechatronics technician


Find a job centre or employment agency in your area and arrange an appointment now to assess your skills.

In German only

Here are examples of test results for the following professions:

Motor vehicle mechatronics technicianDownload
Sales assistant for retail servicesDownload
Skilled metal workerDownload
Building construction workerDownload
Building and object coaterDownload

Do you want to find out what a profession requires and what you already know about it? You can visit the website before you do the MYSKILLS test. Here you will find out which professions are suitable for you.