People without professional qualifications who are looking for work can identify and demonstrate their professional skills using MYSKILLS. With the help of image and video-based questions, participants are presented on the computer typical situations arising in a profession and can thus prove which activities they are capable of performing. MYSKILLS is currently available for 30 professions in six languages: German, English, Arabic, Farsi, Russian and Turkish. The job centre or employment agency carries out the process and it takes around four hours.


Who is MYSKILLS for?

MYSKILLS is suitable for all persons who have relevant experience in one of the 30 professions, but do not have professional qualifications in that profession.
Refugees and migrants who acquired professional skills in their country of origin but do not have any verification, can participate in MYSKILLS. The participants must speak one of the six languages.

What are the benefits of MYSKILLS?

MYSKILLS offers benefits to participants, counsellors at employment agencies and job centres as well as employers. With the help of MYSKILLS, job seekers can provide verification of their previous professional experience in a job, even without corresponding documentation. This results in it being easier for counsellors to find a job offer tailored to the client’s skills or initiate a corresponding qualification process. By precisely identifying skills in central areas of activity, MYSKILLS also helps potential employers fill job openings with the right qualified applicants.

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