Am I eligible for MYSKILLS?

You are eligible for MYSKILLS if you have relevant experience in one of the 30 MYSKILLS professions. The test is voluntary and free of charge and is available to you in several languages.

For which professions is MYSKILLS available?

The MYSKILLS test is available for 30 professions:

  • Nursing care helper
  • Tailor (also: custom tailor)
  • System mechanic for sanitary, HVAC technology
  • Construction finishing worker with a focus on “tiling, plate works and mosaic works” (also: tiler, paver, mosaic tiler)
  • Baker
  • Masonry and building painter (also: painter and varnisher)
  • Professional driver
  • Electrician specialised in energy and building technology
  • IT system integration specialist
  • Foodstuffs technology specialist
  • Metal technology specialist in design technology (also: construction mechanic)
  • Specialist for furniture, kitchen and relocation service
  • Hospitality industry specialist (also: restaurant specialist, hotel manager)
  • Warehouse clerk (also: warehouse logistics specialist)
  • Specialized shop assistant for food production with a focus on bakeries
  • Hairdresser
  • Gardener specialised in horticulture and landscaping
  • Building cleaner
  • Housekeeper
  • Qualified building construction worker with a focus on masonry (also: mason)
  • Industrial electrician specialised in operating technology (also: electrician for operating technology)
  • Car mechanic with a focus on passenger vehicle technology
  • Plumber
  • Cook
  • Farmer
  • Machine and system operator for metal technology
  • Qualified civil engineering worker with a focus on roadworks (also: road construction worker)
  • Carpenter
  • Process mechanic for plastic/rubber technology
  • Salesperson (also: retail salesperson)

For which profession should I take the MYSKILLS test?

Before you take the MYSKILLS test, you can go to and do a five-minute self-assessment of how much experience you already have in a profession. You also get an impression of which additional skills are required in this profession. Based on your self-assessment, you and your counsellor at the employment agency or job centre can decide which MYSKILLS profession test you want to take. You may be eligible to take the test in several professions. Even if you haven’t had experience in all of the areas in a profession, you are still eligible to participate in MYSKILLS.

How long does the test take?

The MYSKILLS test take three to four hours. During this time, you will answer around 125 profession-specific questions. You will provided many opportunities to take breaks.

In which languages can I take the MYSKILLS test?

MYSKILLS is available in German, English, High Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Bulgarian or Romanian.

Where can I take the MYSKILLS test?

You can take the MYSKILLS test at any employment agency and job centre. Simply talk to your contact about MYSKILLS and make an appointment. If you do not yet have an assigned counsellor, you can find the job centre or employment agency near you, here.



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